Instagram’s new questions feature isn’t anonymous — but these poor, unfortunate souls had no idea

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Earlier this week, Instagram launched a new question-and-answer feature.
Some people learned the hard way that it is not, in fact, anonymous.
The tweets about the realization are priceless.

Earlier this week, Instagram launched a new question-and-answer feature. The feature, which sounds harmless enough, allows Instagram users to ask the people they follow any questions they want. Seriously! Anything at all!

The one catch? It’s, uh, not anonymous. And that all sounds fair enough. But some users learned a little too late that their questions were attached to their names.

But you know what they say — one person’s uncomfortable revelation is another’s laugh on Twitter.

Here are some of the best tweets on the matter.

Yo I didn’t know those ig questions weren’t anonymous and I told someone their head was shaped like an almond

— Henry (@HenryOr_) July 11, 2018

So the Instagram questions thing ain’t anonymous?

— B⚡️ (@YungPheba) July 12, 2018

This Instagram question thing got me fucked up 🤦🏾‍♂️ i thought it was anonymous so i told my boy that his girl is ugly.

— 🇸🇴 (@a1amn) July 11, 2018

I should’ve learned my lesson when I found out instagram polls weren’t anonymous & I was picking rude options, but nope I just had to go and type some rude shit into the questions thinking it was anonymous again

— Brynn Christensen (@brynnchrstensen) July 12, 2018

I thought the question feature on Instagram is anonymous AND I SENT A WHOLE BUNCH OF WEIRD SHIT TO PEOPLE THANKS INSTAGRAM

— esha 🌻 (@YaasEsha) July 10, 2018

i just found out the Instagram questions aren’t anonymous and I’ve already asked two people if they suck toes

— mackenzie (@mackfletch_) July 11, 2018

Tell me why i thought the instagram “ask me a question” was anonymous and here i am asking people why they are ugly……

— wendy (@calixR4kids) July 11, 2018


— ciara (@adoptingbailey) July 12, 2018

Now that you’ve been warned, ask questions, but, as always, ask responsibly.

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