A British traveller’s travelogue

The Stopping Places: A Journey Through Gypsy Britain. By Damian Le Bas. Chatto & Windus; 320 pages; £14.99

DAMIAN LE BAS is caught between two worlds. He grew up in a family of Romany gypsies. His great-grandmother used to regale him with tales of travellers and their ways. But he has non-gypsy blood, too, and has never lived a completely nomadic life; instead he won a scholarship to a private school and studied theology at Oxford University. Feeling adrift from his ancestry, Mr Le Bas takes to the road to rediscover some of Britain’s “stopping places”, old traveller campsites, and reconnect with the traditional ways.

In a Ford Transit van—a popular vehicle among British travellers—Mr Le Bas stays at stopping places of all stripes. He visits a secret gypsy church in a forest in Hampshire, the Appleby Horse Fair in Cumbria and a travellers’ wedding site in the Scottish highlands. More prosaic destinations include urban lay-bys and…

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