2018 Jazz Festival pays tribute to Jesse Zubot’s Drip Audio label

Drip Audio Night

Part of 2018 TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival

When: June 29, 9:30 p.m.

Where: The Imperial, 319 Main St.

Tickets and info: From $23, ticketfly.com, coastaljazz.ca

In 2003, violinist/mandolinist Jesse Zubot won his first Juno Award for the Roots and Traditional Album of the Year playing in Zubot and Dawson.

Zubot has been stacking wins up ever since as a member of Great Uncles of the Revolution (2004), Fond of Tigers (2010), and playing with Tanya Tagaq (2015), among many others.

Zubot’s output as both musician and mogul is featured at the 2018 TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival. Drip Audio, the label he founded in 2005 and which has been critical to the development of creative music in Canada, has its own evening at the Imperial on June 29.

Label artists Fond of Tigers, Peregrine Falls (featuring guitarist Gordon Grdina and drummer Kenton Loewen of Dan Mangan’s Blacksmith) and Sick Boss will all appear and Zubot opens the show with one of those one-of-a-kind festival collaborations — a duet with Chicago saxophone heavy and MacArthur Foundation genius grant recipient Ken Vandermark.

Zubot says it’s amazing that all of these projects were available to perform. All are a stable of musicians who lead their own bands, tour and do session work and generally are significantly harder to round up in the same space at the same time.

“The jazz fest has always been really supportive of me, and has offered me quite a lot of opportunities in the past decade that I’ve had to turn down,” said Zubot.

“So it’s pretty cool, time-wise, that it worked out this year. I feel like it’s kind of a turning point, because after putting out 43 or more albums with Drip Audio of mostly other people’s music, I’m feeling inclined to focus a bit more on my own.”

Accolades have been bestowed on the Saskatchewan-born and raised artist for his work as a producer on numerous Drip Audio releases such as those by avant-garde throat singing sensation Tagaq, brilliant guitarist and composer Tony Wilson, vocal artist Viviane Houle, and others.

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As a session player, Zubot’s violin has graced recordings by everyone from Stars and Mother Mother to Raffi and Dan Mangan. He is a very hard working musician.

“I like that combination of a little bit here and a little …read more

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