‘This is America’: Man who ranted against Spanish speakers gets internet-shamed

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A white man’s rant against employees speaking Spanish in a New York restaurant has gone viral as internet shaming exposes his ugly sentiments, further blowing America’s racial issues wide open.

After a video of the man yelling at employees in a Fresh Kitchen for speaking Spanish and threatening to call ICE on them was posted on Facebook and Twitter, the internet took just a few hours Wednesday to figure out who he is: a Manhattan lawyer named Aaron Schlossberg, according to Shaun King, a columnist at the Intercept, who was among the first to post the video. (Warning: The video below contains profanity.)

Who this this bigot in Midtown Manhattan? What’s his name?

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Here he is harassing & insulting two women for speaking Spanish…TO EACH OTHER in the middle of Manhattan.

Trump has empowered ugly white people like this to say whatever they feel like saying. pic.twitter.com/WbHlet6H7c

— Shaun King (@ShaunKing) May 16, 2018

“Your staff is speaking Spanish to customers when they should be speaking English,” Schlossberg says to a different employee in the video. “He spoke it, he spoke it, she’s speaking it,” he said, clearly exasperated. “This is America.”

Ironic, then, that Schlossberg’s business website touts his fluency in Spanish and French. His biography on the site says “He is fluent in Spanish, conversational in French and has basic knowledge of Mandarin Chinese and Hebrew.”

Schlossberg has not returned an emailed request for comment to confirm he is the man in the video. His business phone number goes straight to voicemail.

Edward Suazo, who first posted the video on Facebook, wrote, “So my wife and her best friend just experience (sic) what America is becoming.” He said his wife and her friend were the ones who were speaking in Spanish with the restaurant employees.

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The internet shaming has been as brutal as Schlossberg’s rant against the Spanish speakers, although the prevailing sentiment on social media is that he deserves it. His rant is only the latest of a rash of videos showing racism in America in 2018.

People who know the attorney have reached out to King, who has tweeted out other videos of Schlossberg behaving badly — his disdain for immigrants and foreigners appears to be nothing new.

A white man from Massachusetts posted a

Source:: The Mercury News – Business

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