Letter: ‘Regular’ people say no on P to defend our votes, money

‘Regular’ people say no on P
to defend our votes, money

In response to Aaron Davis’ article May 14 titled “The history behind the fire and fury over Measure P” (Page B2): The citizens of Pinole in 2008 voted overwhelmingly to implement term limits.

The current Pinole City Council wants to keep “its people.” They think there is nobody in Pinole that can run and get elected except their select few. The “no” group (those opposed to Measure P, which would repeal an ordinance that prohibits City Council members from serving more than three consecutive terms) are “regular” Pinole people trying to defend our votes and money.

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They can spin it any way they want, they can mislead and distort the truth, point fingers and dredge up old wars to justify a yes vote, but in the end I am confident that the people of Pinole will do their research and realize that this council is not looking out for their best interests.

Vote no on P.

Susan Dalonzo

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Source:: The Mercury News – Politics

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