Carolyn Hax: I don’t want to hobnob with those snobs again


DEAR CAROLYN: I grew up poor but worked my way through college and was able to get into a very prestigious law school, so naturally I am used to being around people who come from a very different background than I do.

Recently I started working with a man, “Jack,” who went to that same law school. We hit it off immediately and started dating.

Things have been absolutely wonderful — until I met his extended family at a wedding, that is. His family is old-money rich. His mother has always been nice to me — his father is dead — but his aunts, uncles and cousins made it obvious they did not approve of me and made many sly digs about me and my background.

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I knew the best way to get through it was to ignore the insults and appear unruffled, but I am not interested in being around them again. I didn’t think this would be a problem since Jack sees them at most once a year, but now his mom has invited me to an event that means being around those snobs for an entire long weekend. I’d rather stay home but Jack is asking me to give his family another chance and pointing out that we will be staying with his mom, who is really looking forward to it. My job is super-stressful and I could really use that time off to relax.

What should I do? I need to give an answer soon and I’m really torn.

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