B.C. shoots back at Ottawa and Alberta over Kinder Morgan pipeline

VICTORIA – B.C. Premier John Horgan has shot back at federal finance minister Bill Morneau’s characterization he is trying to obstruct the Kinder Morgan pipeline, saying if Ottawa has a plan to solve the interprovincial dispute over the risk of oil spills it should share that with Canadians.

And the B.C. government has also warned Alberta that it will take that province to court if it tries to enact legislation that would limit the export of oil to British Columbia.

Horgan rejected Morenau’s characterization Wednesday that Ottawa must indemnify Kinder Morgan’s financial risks with federal funds to protect it from B.C.’s politically-motivated delays, calling that “rhetoric and hyperbole” from a “Toronto-based finance minister.”

“I’m not causing any risks, I’m issuing permits as they’re asked for by the proponents,” Horgan told reporters at a Vancouver technology conference Wednesday morning.

“I’ve joined two legal cases that were already underway and I’ve asked the federal government to join me in a reference to the constitutionality of a regulation change we want to make. They declined to join us, so I’ve made a reference on our own. These are not overly-provocative statements in my opinion, those are the normal course of events working with the rule of law, not allowing Mr. Morneau to determine constitutionality but the courts.”

Horgan also took at shot at Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s inaction on the dispute between Kinder Morgan, B.C., Alberta and Ottawa.

“Mr. Morneau will do what he wants to do, and I suggest that the Prime Minister called me to Ottawa over on a month ago now and if they have a plan they should tell us what it is,” said Horgan.

Horgan followed up with a public statement in which he took further aim at the federal government.

“The federal finance minister is trying to use our government as an excuse, as the federal government puts taxpayer money on the line to backstop risks to private investors, while completely ignoring the risks to B.C.” read the statement.

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley said Wednesday her government will pass Bill 12, legislation that would enable the restriction of oil exports to other provinces based upon a new licensing and permitting system, in retaliation for what Alberta perceives are B.C.’s attempts to derail the Kinder Morgan pipeline project.

“If the path forward for the pipeline through B.C. is not settled soon, I am ready and prepared to turn off the taps,” she said at a news conference, stopping …read more

Source:: Vancouver Sun – Business

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