Vote for Innovation of the Year: Cashier-less store, synthetic biology, ‘parallel reality,’ and more

Andrew Putnam, principal research hardware design engineer at Microsoft Research, accepts the award for Innovation of the Year at the 2017 GeekWire Awards.

A display technology that creates “parallel reality.” A machine learning platform that predicts when patients get sick. And a cashier-less convenience store.

The Innovation of the Year category at the GeekWire Awards always includes potential game-changing technologies, and this year is no different.

Over the next two weeks, we’re opening voting in 13 GeekWire Awards categories, with GeekWire readers choosing their top picks from finalists selected by our panel of judges from community nominations. Check back on GeekWire each day to cast your ballot. Winners will be revealed at the GeekWire Awards — presented by Wave Business — on May 10th at the Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle.

The 2018 Innovation of the Year nominees are developing new ideas in industries ranging from healthcare to grocery. Here’s a quick rundown of the finalists:

Arzeda, a synthetic biology startup that uses fermentation to build new proteins and materials.
Amazon Go, a sensor-infused store ushers in era of cashier-less shopping.
KenSci, a University of Washington spinout whose machine learning platform predicts which patients will get sick.
Misapplied Sciences, a breakthrough ‘parallel reality’ display technology that promises to personalize the world, without goggles.
Pivotal Commware, a maker of “holographic beam forming” technology, which takes advantage of the beam-bending properties of metamaterials, allowing easier communication with moving targets ranging from ships and planes to trains and connected cars.

Last year’s winner was Microsoft Project Catapult, an initiative that put the tech giant at the forefront of field programmable gate arrays, or FPGAs. You can read more about each 2018 nominee below. Thanks to Premera for presenting the Innovation of the Year category.

Tickets are on sale for the big Awards show, so head here to get yours before we sell out.

GeekWire Awards 2018: Innovation of the Year

Arzeda: This Seattle startup is using the same process that produces beer to literally invent new proteins and materials.

Arzeda designs custom molecules for use in manufacturing, agriculture and more. Building each protein requires a complex path of biological engineering, shown above. (Arzeda Photo)

Arzeda applies the science of fermentation and uses advanced protein model technology to design molecules that will fit a niche in a certain industry — everything from ultra strong fabric to chemicals that help plants grow. Arzeda was founded in 2008 by Drs. Alex Zanghellini, Eric …read more

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