Jim Bob Duggar: Has He Cut Off Contact With Jinger?!

Jinger and Parents

Not long after she married Jeremy Vuolo, Jinger Duggar began establishing herself as her famous family’s resident rebel.

The most obvious act of defiance is Jinger’s decision to start wearing pants, a violation of her parents’ dress code that reportedly didn’t sit well with patriarch Jim Bob.

But that’s not the only way that Jinger has taken to publicly flouting the Duggars’ famously strict code of conduct.

Jinger waited to get pregnant for more than a year after she got married.

She became the first of her generation to leave the Duggars’ home state of Arkansas when she and Vuolo relocated to Laredo, Texas.

There have even been rumors of Vuolo clashing with Jim Bob over major differences in religious doctrine.

And now it looks as though Jim Bob may have finally become fed up with Jinger’s rebellious tendencies.

As In Touch Weekly points out, eagle-eyed Duggar fans have noticed that Jim Bob and Michelle recently traveled to Texas … and there’s no indication that they took time out to visit the Vuolos in Laredo.

Just last week Jinger and Jeremy stopped by Magnolia, a Houston food and home goods market owned by Chip and Joanna Gaines.

Interestingly, Jim Bob and Michelle visited the same store just days later, but there’s no indication that they spent even a few hours with Jinger and Jeremy during their time in the Lone Star state,

Many have already jumped to the conclusion that this is all an indication of a major rift between Jim Bob and his headstrong daughter.

When Duggar women get married, it’s their husbands, not their fathers who determine the rules they’ll live by.

That’s one of the reasons potential suitors are so thoroughly vetted by Jim Bob.

But every so often, someone like Jeremy slips through the cracks.

A pro soccer player turned baptist preacher, Jeremy no doubt impressed Jim Bob a great deal when they first met.

But it wasn’t until after he and Jinger said “I do” that the extent of Jeremy’s relative liberalism was revealed, and it’s not hard to see how Jim Bob might feel threatened.

In the months since Jinger started wearing pants instead of skirts, two of her sisters have followed suit.

Sources close to the couple tell us that Jinger has essentially instructed Jinger to forget about Jim Bob’s rules.

He’s even taken to the pulpit to denounce Jim Bob’s outdated ideas about “modest attire” and the “woman’s work.”

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Source:: The Hollywood Gossip

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