‘Westworld’ star teases ‘jaw-dropping’ season 2 moments with the Man in Black: ‘I just couldn’t believe my eyes’

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Warning: Minor Spoilers ahead for the second season of “Westworld.”

After a lengthy hiatus, the second season of HBO’s hit sci-fi/western series “Westworld” is almost upon us. Details about the coming season have been sparse, but star Clifton Collins Jr. — known as both Lawrence and El Lazo on the show — is keeping fans on their toes.

“There’s some crazy moments in season two when even Ed [Harris]and I looked at each other and just gave ourselves the, ‘What the hell?’ look,” Collins told INSIDER. “I had to re-read it several times because I just couldn’t believe my eyes.”

Keep reading to learn more about what Collins’ character Lawrence gets up to on the coming episodes, and how even he didn’t realize William and the Man in Black were the same person until watching the first season finale.

Even the “Westworld” actors are kept in the dark most of the time

Kim Renfro: What can you tell us about how the coming robot revolution will work out for Lawrence?

Clifton Collins Jr.: There’s an overall general coming of consciousness to some degree. To what degree, I can’t really elaborate on. I myself don’t know even how it will ultimately be cut together, but I can speak to [the way] we have to go through pain to learn a lot of things. On season one, Lawrence experienced quite a bit of pain through the loss of loved ones.

A lot of people have to experience personal loss to have empathy unless you grew up humbled, or poor, or were taught empathy — because I do believe it can be taught.

In Lawrence’s case, he’s a very humble person. So I’m cautiously optimistic, but very, very, very excited for the stuff that I’ve heard from Lisa Joy and Jonah [Nolan]. They’re pretty happy with the stuff that was brought to the table [for season two].

Renfro: You were one on of the few actors who had multiple scenes with both Jimmi Simpson’s “William” and Ed Harris as the “Man in Black” on season one. How did you first find out that they were actually the same character?

Collins: It was all in post [production]. I was like, “What? Really, that’s happening?” It’s funny. There’s this beautiful camaraderie amongst the cast where … I’m sure if we asked to know certain details, the showrunners might tell us some things. But we all want to play by the …read more

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