12 of the most eligible millionaires and billionaires in the world

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These millionaires and billionaires are on the market.
Some founded businesses, others have found success in sports or the entertainment world, others have inherited their wealth.
Many are based in the US, though others have roots around the world.

We’ve rounded up some of the most eligible bachelors and bachelorettes in the world who have net worths in the millions and billions. Whether their wealth comes from business acumen, athletic prowess, or being an heir to a large fortune, these are some of today’s wealthiest, most successful single people.

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Katharina Andresen

Age: 23
Country: Norway
Estimated net worth: $1.48 billion

At 23 years old, Katharina Andresen is the second-youngest billionaire in the world. An heir to her family’s investment company, Ferd, based in Oslo, Norway, Andresen and her younger sister each inherited 42 percent of the company. (Their father still runs the company.) Katharina currently works as an intern at Ernst & Young.

India Rose James

Age: 26
Country: UK
Estimated net worth: $280 million

India Rose James is an heiress to publishing and real estate tycoon Paul Raymond, who was her grandfather, according to Wealth-X, a research firm that studies the wealthy. She founded the Soho Revue, a contemporary art gallery in London, that has since closed. James sports a unique, alternative look, and can often be seen with pink hair. She has a 1-year-old daughter and recently split from Hugh Harris, guitarist for English rock band The Kooks.

Louis Tomlinson

Age: 26
Country: US (Originally UK)
Estimated net worth: $45 million, according to Wealth-X

Perhaps best known for being a member of pop band One Direction, Louis William Tomlinson has since begun his own solo singer-songwriter career. Tomlinson, who grew up in South Yorkshire, England, auditioned for the reality show X Factor in 2010. In 2014, the musician showed how much his roots matter to him when he bought his hometown soccer team, The Doncaster Rovers. Tomlinson recently put his Calabasas, California, home on the market for nearly $14 million.

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