Letter: Robbins remarks disparaging #MeToo can’t be brushed off

Robbins remarks disparaging
#MeToo can’t be brushed off

According to the article “Robbins apologizes for his #MeToo remarks” (Page C6, April 10), Tony Robbins apologized for the comments that he made at his show in San Jose.

Are we supposed to believe that his apology is sincere? He claims that his comments failed to express the profound respect he has for the #MeToo movement, yet during his show he equated the movement to victimhood. He even stated that women who call out sexual harassment are engaging in “self-defeating behavior.” His attitude toward women who call out sexual harassment is just more of the same victim-blaming rhetoric.

We must hold Robbins accountable for his disparaging remarks and not allow him to brush them off as merely a misunderstanding.

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I strongly encourage Mr. Robbins to re-evaluate how his thoughts and comments on sexual harassment may negatively impact the lives of women, especially the women who seek his help. When we support victims of sexual harassment, we are essentially taking the first step toward eradicating the problem. Therefore, I encourage others to continue the conversation and stand by those who say #MeToo.

Dominique Rizzi
San Jose

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Source:: The Mercury News – Health

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