Geek of the Week: Jason Flick has his gamer face on as official eMLS player for the Seattle Sounders

Jason Flick

Jason Flick, the Seattle Sounders FC eMLS gamer. (GeekWire Photo / Kevin Lisota)

Jason Flick isn’t a player on the pitch for the Seattle Sounders FC. But he will be representing the team in competition this season, and he’s even ready to take on some of the pros who play soccer for a living.

Flick is a pro in his own right, as an eports gamer, and he’s one of a handful of players chosen to compete in eMLS, a new competitive gaming league organized in partnership with EA Sports.

“I’ve been playing ‘FIFA’ on console for about 10 years, creating content on YouTube for over five years now,” said Flick, who is GeekWire’s latest Geek of the Week. “Once I started sharing my ‘FIFA’ abilities and my game play with a larger audience that kind of took it to another level. There’s more to it than just playing ‘FIFA.’ It’s also interacting with the community and other people who are passionate about the game.”

Flick has more than 24,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel, Flickiify. Throughout the year his new gig will take him to several events, including the eMLS Cup at PAX East in April. He hopes his longtime fans on assorted social channels will mix with the new supporters he picks up via community engagement tied to the Sounders.

On Thursday, Flick will join in the fun at Seattle’s biggest geek party, the 7th annual GeekWire Bash at CenturyLink Field Event Center. Flick will be in the “FIFA 18” zone taking on attendees, and giving some advice and tips for how to compete in the popular soccer video game.

Some Sounders players who excel at their sport in real life are also known to be fans of “FIFA,” and Flick wouldn’t shy from the chance to play them.

“I haven’t played against any Sounders players yet, but that might be something that comes up over the next year,” he said. “I definitely look forward to the opportunity, and if any Sounders players want to take me on, I’ll accept the challenge.”

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