6 New Actions You Can Take For A More Exciting Life

From time to time, we all fall victim to what life coach Christine Hassler dubs the “rinse and repeat lifestyle” — essentially getting stuck in a rut, which can result in unhappiness, emptiness, and boredom.

It’s time to end that once and for all. In partnership with The Laughing Cow, we’re bringing you #AntiRoutine, a challenge dedicated to helping you unlock your full potential and become your best, most well-rounded self, which starts by changing the way you think and go about living life. According to Hassler and health and lifestyle coach Lara Dalch, this is as simple as acknowledging the mundane day-to-day-isms of your current “routine,” creating an exciting new game plan you’ll actually stick to, and then taking it one step at a time. Read on for a few ways to get out of your head and shake things up.

Refinery29 is teaming up with The Laughing Cow for an #AntiRoutine mission that’s all about shifting your perspective to unlock new possibilities. Say goodbye to your monotonous routine and instead, make the choice to switch it up with simple lifestyle changes that will garner lasting, positive effects.

Try Meditating

Many of us are too stressed and busy to even realize we need to get out of our routines and make a change. That’s where meditation comes in. Pause, close your eyes, and become aware of your breath as it slows and deepens. Dalch recommends practicing the 4-7-8 breathing technique for beginners. Once you’ve nailed this meditative breathing, you can implement it in many off-branches of meditation, from five minutes of powerful visualization to a yoga session. Before you know it, the stress will float away and you’ll feel primed to take on new challenges.

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Recap Your Day

One little journal can do more good than you’ll ever know. According to Hassler, it can even ensure a better night’s sleep. “If you journal every night and reflect your gratitude, it will help you go to bed with appreciation,” she says. Our best advice: Splurge on a beautiful hardcover journal with thick paper that can withstand colorful pens and ink scribbles. Then, use the space to write it all down. A daily recap can help you vent your feelings, discuss your hopes and dreams, and recognize your bad habits. Mental clarity in the snap of a finger — and it all starts with a notebook and pen.

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