Tour a little-known island off the coast of Miami that once belonged to the Vanderbilts and is now the most millionaire-dense ZIP code in America

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Fisher Island, Florida, is a paragon of exclusivity.

The 216-acre, man-made island sitting pretty off the coast of Miami Beach is reachable only by boat — most often yacht. It’s considered America’s most millionaire-dense ZIP code, but less than 20% of the island’s residents permanently reside there.

With its mix of condos, private homes, and hotel rooms, the lush island exists as a retreat for the ultra wealthy, who spend their days golfing, playing tennis, lounging on the beach, boating, and simply relaxing.

The illustrious Vanderbilt family were the original stewards of Fisher Island, and their penchant for opulence remains.

Below, find out how Fisher Island became one of America’s most affluent enclaves.

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In 1906, the Florida government created the small island off the southern coast of Miami Beach near Biscayne Bay. The island was briefly owned by Dana Dorsey, one of Florida’s first black billionaires, but he sold the land to Carl Fisher, an auto entrepreneur and real estate developer, in 1919.

Source: Fisher Island Club

The island took on Fisher’s namesake, but he didn’t hold on to it for long. In the mid-1920s, Fisher met William K. Vanderbilt II, one of America’s wealthiest residents, and proposed a trade: seven acres of Fisher Island for Vanderbilt’s 250-foot yacht.

Source: Fisher Island Club

The railroad baron obliged and drew up plans for Fisher Island’s first residence, “Alva Base,” a Mediterranean-style compound with guest houses, tennis courts, and pools.

Source: Fisher Island Club

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