Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke says one-third of his department isn’t loyal to Trump

During a speech to the National Petroleum Council, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke said he thinks 30 percent of his department’s employees are not loyal to him or President Trump.

There are 70,000 employees, and Zinke told the oil industry group that “30 percent of the crew” isn’t “loyal to the flag. We do have good people, but the direction has to he clear and you’ve got to hold people accountable.” Without giving away many details, Zinke said he wants to reorganize the department because he “can’t really change the culture without changing the structure.”

Zinke made several remarks that were likely well-received by the audience, including the fact that he wants to make it easier for companies to get permits for oil drilling and logging and he thinks the Endangered Species Act has been “abused” by environmental groups and bureaucrats, The Associated Press reports. When it comes to energy development, “the president wants it yesterday,” he said. “We have to do it by the law.”

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Source:: Business – The Week

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