Sam Brownback, governor of Kansas, heads for the exit

GOVERNORS of Kansas tend to love their job and rarely leave it early. Kathleen Sebelius, a Democrat, dithered before agreeing to leave the governor’s mansion after Barack Obama asked her to lead the introduction of the Affordable Care Act as Secretary of Health and Human Services. The current Republican governor, Sam Brownback, is different. He appeared not to hesitate before agreeing to take the relatively low-profile job of ambassador for international religious freedom in Washington, DC, a good 16 months before the end of his term. Perhaps Mr Brownback is as keen to leave Kansas as many Kansans are to see him go.

Mr Brownback once had high ambitions. At the age of 30 he was Kansas’s secretary of agriculture, a congressman eight years later, a senator by age the age of 40 and a (short-lived) candidate for the presidential election in 2008 aged 50. When he was elected governor of his home state in 2010, Mr Brownback had a grand vision: the transformation of Kansas into a conservative beacon. “Our place, Kansas, will not be…

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Source:: United States – The Economits

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