Apple’s iPhone X: Should you buy one?

My few minutes of hands-on experience with the iPhone X at the Apple reveal on Tuesday is hardly sufficient to review the new phone, but I can say that it looks good, feels good in the hand and that it’s easy to get to the home screen, despite the lack of a home button.

I didn’t take the time to enroll my face into its face recognition software but I watched as the Apple employee showing me the phone quickly unlocked it by glancing at the screen. He had better luck than Apple VP Craig Federighi who was unable to unlock the phone with his face the first time he tried to demonstrate it on stage.

I liked the “Super Retina Display,” but you wouldn’t notice the improvement unless you were holding it side by side with an older iPhone, and even then it would be almost inconsequential. To my spectacle-enabled eyes, just about all of today’s smartphone screens look great.

One thing I did appreciate was the 5.8 inch display on a phone about the size of the 5.5 inch model, thanks to Apple finally getting rid of those bulky bezels on top and bottom. The phone has a nearly edge-to-edge display.

Some die-hard iPhone users might miss the home button but most Android users have long lived without a physical home button. I actually like the way the iPhone X lets you access the home screen from anywhere by simply swiping up.

My brief experience with the phone wasn’t sufficient to test the power of its beefed up “A11 bionic” processor but I did get to see how both the front and rear facing cameras can easily change lighting conditions on your subject — which will be useful for us amature photographers seeking some relatively high-end images.

Less useful, but perhaps fun for many, is the ability to create animated emojis that respond to your facial expressions in real time, or virtual masks that cover your face but don’t hide your facial expressions. Personally, I don’t think I’ll find that feature all the compelling, but I’m impressed that the phone’s processor and GPU have enough processing power to make it happen.

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I didn’t get to try out the phone’s beefed-up support for augmented reality but I love that it’s optimized to allow developers to create apps …read more

Source:: The Mercury News – Business

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